Thursday, December 6, 2007

Two Japanese were arrested

According to Sobh Sadegh, a weekly magazine published by Revolutionary Guards, two Japanese citizens have been arrested in Iran in Yazd city. According to weekly paper, some photos of military bases were found in their cameras.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Confession of a blogger in 2 Acts

1-Reza Valizadeh,blogger and journalist, was arrested because he published information about Ahmadnejad's security team's expensive dogs. He wrote about 4 dogs.Each cost 150000 dollars.

2-He was arrested and in jail he wrote another post where he praised the idea to buy such dogs. He added that some misused the information. He also erased his post about expensive dogs.

Conclusion: In Iran,political prisoners used to appear in TV to "confess and repent".Some were forced to write the letters. It is interesting that confession and repentence exist for any taste!Bloggers do not need to come to Tv or write letters!They just wrote new posts!

Mothers For Peace

More than 500 Iranian mothers signed an open letter and asked Iranian governmet to think twice about the danger of war and nuclear crisis.

Link in Farsi:

Saturday, December 1, 2007

MP has seriously criticised Ahmadinejad

Akbar Alami, a deputy in Iranian parliament,criticised Ahmadinejad's policy and said because of his policy,Iran has become an isolated country and whole world is against it. Alami,MP from Tabriz, added we do not know what happened to billions of dollars.
He added if we had a strong parliament, we could bringdown Ahmadinejad.

Iranian police against Winter Boots

Iranian Police warned women that security forces will punlish women who wear winter boots...a few months ago same cops arrested dogs in Tehran. Many protested and they finished that madness.

Shirin Ebadi:No to War, Yes to Peace and Human Rights

The Nobel Peace Prize winner and human rights activist,Shirin Ebadi, about two weeks ago, announced that she intends to launch National Peace Council in Iran.
Several political and cultural personnalities have already supported such action.

Shirin Ebadi, said in a speech at the first gathering of the Council – held Monday 19 November in Teheran -- that nuclear energy was the absolute right of every nation but the right to security and peace was an even greater human right. She later stressed on the importance of the legal framework, which should be respected by both Iran and the US. "What we want is that the two sides should respect international law, and we warn them on this," she said.

Welcome to FardaBlog

Why another blog in English about Iran? A simple answer:Several excellent Iranian bloggers stopped their blogs for different reasons in last 12 months.Time for another one to publish some good stories!